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Toboali - Community leaders and youth leaders of South Pacific as well as NGOs argue for provincial sports disinyalirnya weekend activities (Poprov) Bangka-Billiton last year there was allegedly the fault of the Axe. Top disinyalirnya Poprov these activities there is a mistake even hurt the country, a number of community leaders and youth and NGOs held a press conference (4 / 10) at home eating

Marina Toboali front of the hotel to give moral support to Koni Basel. One community leader Basel Berry Febrianto "reveals itself in the moral movement, as a citizen of Indonesia us (community_red) uphold the legal process and strongly supports the eradication of corruption, as we hope the Basel community on law enforcement to be able to carry out the legal process in accordance with the provisions applicable laws and does not make community organizations as the target object of the law. I feel the activities undertaken by Koni Poprov Basel in Basel last year in which the District to host a very successful and very proud of the country cherish besaoh. As we know that Poprov implemented four years and at Basel in 2010 Poprov host who where much contested by the district and city in the country allied sebalai, Berry said during a press conference took place. Berry added, as the son of the country and the people of Basel, we are quite proud of the holding Poprov in Basel and I rate Poprov conducted by Koni Basel is the party of the people of this country and in its implementation in the field of sports has also been involved all elements of society and has empowered the community during the execution took place even 2500 people directly involved in the implementation of the committee. For that as a society Basel, I appeal to all parties not to make Poprov komuditi who have been successful as well as to the legal and political parties in obrak Axe please do not tear apart the Basel district ".
"Meanwhile, Edy Sani added, he Poprov judge last year that have been successful and all elements of society during the implementation of Basel enjoys it, but unfortunately after post Poprov problems arise from distrust of law enforcement in this country on the process and accountability Poprov this to the government. We do not expect problems in politisir Poprov and do not exist as are also the target of law to persons or parties who are in Basel and where we look after this there Porprov usainya maze that has occurred kroscek whose name is corruption. For the prosecution of law enforcement process please do if find things that deviate in the process of accountability reporting. "
"Support in moral movement is also conveyed directly by young activists Toboali Rinto Iskandar said he regretted when implementing Poprov we already successful value was not getting reward but instead gets behind panismen day. We emphasize an obvious becomes a vague, we himbaukan also if there are things in this Poprov menyangkutkan issues to political things we asked for help to stop. "
Meanwhile, Adam Dede "said, we believe with every job there is no perfect human being, if we just continue to find fault I am sure and believe every human has a fault. But it is different if the error was deliberately sought after, is the treatment of each every citizen in the eyes of the law are the same. Based on the info we can that Pemerisaan financial results, no loss to the State only a clerical error only. but it's another thing if there is a charge needed to pressure political actors who dilakuan by Dirty Politics, therefore we do not want the District of Basel in the random-random by dirty political actors, because Porprov essence of the people for the people, because its implementation within the community economic empowerment ".
"Separated by Rusmin which is a socio-cultural and political figures of this Basel assess whether the ax already know the results of examination of the authorities and if there are any losses if the state does not need the care of ax. We the people of Basel who will report directly to the Attorney General, local communities and stand up for this area (Basel_red) there is dignity. If there are indications of corruption based on our examination of the first CPC Basel Poprov committee which will report to the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) because this area is born out of mutual cooperation community. "
"While the NGOs Gate Basel (people's struggle movement) also gave a statement delivered directly by the chairman of the NGO Gateway Saeba, deeply regrets his oblique comments from a number of parties about Basel. I remind Basel in obrak do apart, if indeed there is an error, prove. By responding to perenyataan of Axe Babylon a few days ago about alleged corruption grant Koni Basel, according to a statement made by Saeba ax too cornering. As if the Basel district is where people are wrong, we are berkecimpungan and direct contact with the community in Basel this so we will not stand by if indeed there is any problem in this district. Furthermore Basel activists are also advised that the District is still lagging behind as Basel that is starting to evolve to not obrak apart again because the whole community Basel just feel pride in the development of a number of significant development within this area. "(Tob003)

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