Toboali - South Pacific Community Journalists (KWBS) condemned the violence by high school students N 6 against journalists during coverage Trans 7 brawl. Even KWBS deplored the violence that repeated yesterday the journalists held a solidarity action to stop violence against waratwan. As stated by caretaker KWBS, M Yusuf Arifin told reporters yesterday.

According to him, the task of journalists protected by the Act No. 40 of 1999. In addition, it is clear Joseph, who carried out every journalist coverage also guided by the Journalist Code of Ethics. "Our job protections, we also work governed by the Code of Ethics Reporter, why should any physical violence against journalists, is our right as journalists to gather information to be conveyed to the public the right way because we are also set code of ethics" explained Joseph, one of local media journalist Babylon.

Joseph asked the local police investigate the case and penalize the perpetrators. "Not as good as oneself violent, harassing our profession, the police acted immediately, do the inquiry and investigation, set the suspects, investigate thoroughly all the perpetrators" said Joseph as he asked the Press Council to act immediately to give support to fellow journalists who are victims.

Echoing officials said KWBS, Tommy deplored the violence committed against journalists high school students 6 7 Jakarta Trans. He also questioned how the ethics of high school students who have no respect for the journalistic profession while on duty. 'We asked the local police to conduct investigations, investigations and legal stages onwards, the legal process must be upheld, so that no more violence against journalist repeated, "he said.

He continued, these events should not occur in other areas to result in delayed reporting process. "Mandatory no enforcement of this case, we do not want this case repeated in a separate place to the other areas," he said. (Tob001)

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