Facebook will in HACK

Facebook going on 5 November 2011 later hacked by hacker group calling itself Anonymous (no name). They promised to do a hack on Facebook, through the threat in that Youtube video uploaded August 16.

In the video, the group declares war on Facebook by accusing him of misuse of private members and allow the government to spy on all its members.

"The media of communication that you really worship will be destroyed. All that you have put on Facebook will remain there, regardless of any private settings you have chosen, and to delete your account is impossible. Although you have to delete your FB account, fixed just all the information you keep on Facebook and can be restored at any time. "(Translation from the hacker group Anonymous threatening video).

Anonymous is a group of hackers who have political orientation, in which the same name had done hacking against U.S. government sites, such as the FBI and military Uncle Sam's country.

However, not all Anonymous members agree with the idea of this attack. GroupAnon named Twitter account, which gives information about this organization, has claimed that the operation of this hack has been taken over by the members is not known.

So far the Facebook has not given a serious response to the threat of Anonymous. And on the other hand, members doubted the authenticity of a website security video.

Because of this phenomenon, then quite often I come across a number of websites recommend that all FB users to store information or data. Should it? How do you think?

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