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in Choosing the right domain or in the case of subdomain blog is one of the most important factor of having a blog sucesfull, if you can afford it, it would be better to pay for domain names like. Com. Net or domain org.Those.

From my experience domains rank better than other free and paid domain name (note that this is my subjective opinion and not necessarily correct). Anyway domain ever you choose make sure that the first part of the url is your keyword (if possible, the best would be if you can take a url like this:. or Because single keywords most have a lot of competition and you will not be able to defeat website that has been in the first place a search engine for ages, trying to pick the old urls and keywords, or concentrate on one is the main keyword (example: if you want to write about the news, would be better to concentrate only on the news and make your keywords)

sometimes in selecting the old url and phrases. / Keywords can make you very high in search engine results with a reasonable amount of vistors.

in Using descriptive names and alt tags when you place an image on your web page or in the post very important.It can get your website rank better overall because additional keywords in the description and name if you have a gaming blog / web site and you put a picture of the news you provide. action on it would be better that your name is not action-berita.jpg DSC5.jpg.This way you can get traffic through Google Image search added.

Because the robot can not read images they rely on the names and alt tags and text around the image to get an idea what is shown in image.If you place a description of the relevant good in the picture, the picture you will rank better in search image and the overall ranking of your blog in the search results will improve.

This is the example of the use of alt tags (HTML):

In the sky flies a red flag with white cross on a vertical bar shifted towards the flag pole.

src = ""

width = "180" height = "135" />

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