Installasi Joomla Antispam with Securityimages

Joomla Installation Antispam with SecurityImages
August 31st 2009 in Articles subsequent discussion of how to secure your Joomla antsipam especially in the contact form, user registration, guestbooks, etc..Antispam-reviewed here is for Joomla Joomla Components SecurityImagesJoomla component joomla is pretty good for you from the possibility of spam and script injection that seek to register a user and sending email through the contact menu.To fight spam you must install it in joomla joomla remember not equipped with antispam.Installation steps as follows:1. Download the patch SecurityImages and JoomlaJoomla 1.0.x download hereJoomla 1.5.x download hereJoomla patch:Files are downloaded to be adapted to joomla version is installedJoomla 1.0.x patch download hereJoomla 1.5.x patch download here2. Login to your Joomla Administrator.Click Install - componentsClick Browse and SecurityImages upload files (not patched)Done Click continue3. SecurityImages ConfigurationClick Components - SecurityImages - Edit General settingsIn this menu you can select the type of image display for security, which is most easily understood visitors select core calculator.and Save the General settings to end.---------- It's finished stage of the installation and configuration ----------Next to patch against the joomla files.Before doing this you should backup all the files joomla on server to resolve when an error occurs.1. Extract the downloaded patch files with winzip2. Rename the folder ekstract be formed from the public_html folder3. public_html folder was compressed with winzip into public_html.zip4. Upload to the server and extract the / uncompress on the server with cpanel filemanagerWays

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